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lower the Ringgit fluctuation risk). What is a foreign currency account? Foreign currency account is an account maintained in a bank in another currency than the currency of the country in which the bank is located. Residents with domestic credit facilities are capped to USD150,000.00 for foreign currency accounts (FCAs) opened solely to facilitate education and employment overseas; and convert Ringgit for credit into foreign currency accounts (FCAs) up to RM100,000.00 per annum, for purposes other than education or overseas employment. USD3,000, uSD10,000 * With effect from 19 February 2009. Standard Terms and Conditions Residents without domestic credit facilities are free to open foreign currency accounts with no caps on limit. Below is the charges involved in a Call Deposit accounts at Citibank. Investment Accounts Rates, foreign Currency Account Rates, fees and Charges. Similar to Fixed Deposit Tenure ranging from 1 week to 12 months Minimum initial term deposit requirement Interest paid upon maturity. Credit Risk Credit risk is common to all investment products that you may hold with the banks. What is the main purpose for a person to put his money into a foreign currency account?

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Consequently, you may experience a reduction in your interest income should interest rates for that foreign currency fall. In all cases, you are reliant on the ability of the bank to meet its obligations to you under terms of the particular product. Please contact the nearest Maybank branch for the latest rates. Multi-Currency Account This type of account is a special product offered by RHB. Current Account Rates, fixed Deposits and Term Deposit Rates. Should you hold an offsetting position in the foreign exchange markets or in a commitment to spend this currency then your loss maybe offset in part or in full by the offsetting position. If you want to know my opinion on investing in foreign currency account, my answer is, No, I am not interested at this moment. I received several question from readers asking opinions on foreign currency account (FCA). AUD (036) Australian Dollars, sGD (702) Singapore Dollars, eUR (978) European euro. Market Disruptions From time to time, significant events axis bank forex card how to use can occur that disrupt the normal operations of financial markets. I personally regard a FCA like a liquid cash account.

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