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input. Stagflation - A negative phenomenon when a country/economy experiences low growth levels and rising prices.e. Put - A term related specifically to options, wherein Put refers to the right but not the obligation to sell an underlying asset. Toshin - Japanese investment funds which focus on investing in non-domestic assets and are active in the Forex markets. Kiwi (NZD) - The New Zealand Dollar. Bloomberg Currency and World Market News UBS Currency Strategy and Research Free with an Oanda account. Monetary Policy - The actions of a central bank, currency board or other regulatory committee that determines the size and rate of growth of the money supply, which in turn affects interest rates. Traders simply need to point their web browser to m, and find the "News Radio" button locate din the upper left. . Technical Analysis - A method of evaluating securities by analysing statistics generated by historical market activity. . For example, if a trader was only prepared to lose 15 pips after buying EUR/USD.4530, his stop loss would be.4515. Saxo Clients top us brokers for binary options logged into TradingFloor with their account ID are offered free access to Live Squawk.

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forex squawk free

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Stops/Stop-loss - An order which closes an open position at a pre-determined level after the market has moved against that trade. These portfolio managers usually reweigh their portfolios at the end of each month if moves were larger than anticipated. It is the market price for traders to sell currencies. DocStoc Not sure if this is even worth mentioning but a better alternative to Scribd ever since they started sticking it to their loyal users. Appreciation, a currency is said to appreciate when its price rises. Commentary covers all the main asset classes, including equities, fixed income, FX and commodities. Current Market Data and News IFR Markets (read) Highlights include order flows touted on currency pairs, briefings, outlining daily notes, key levels, etc, Forex OTC option data, volatility data including risk reversals, etc, and technical studies. . Crawling Peg - A type of currency peg which is adjusted periodically. For example if EUR/USD increases in price from.4000.4005 it is said to have moved 5 pips. Cable - The common name for the GBP/USD currency pair, originating from the old underwater communication cable linking the UK and USA.

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