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text headlines, and other services we offer, click here to learn more. Kiwi (NZD) - The New Zealand Dollar. If a countrys value of imports is greater than its exports, then the country is said to have a Trade Deficit. Hosted Website Solutions, custom and off-the-shelf modules for easy integration of financial content into websites and apps. Hottest, last Replied, most Replied, most Viewed, latest Liked.

Fade/Fading - A trading method whereby a trader places a trade after an initial spike in prices, usually after a data release, and trys to profit from the retracement of the initial move. Market News, you may be also interested in: Company news, trading hours change on sh, sh, sh,. Fast Money - A market term for short term traders/scalpers who only hold a position for a very short period of time. The cpce indicator indicates with the spike.

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RUB - The Russian Ruble. Confederation of British Industry (CBI) - An influential lobbying organisation for UK business on national and international issues. Quantitative Easing (QE) - A method of stimulating the economy by a central bank, whereby it buy assets, typically government bonds, to inject extra liquidity into the economy. Forward - An over-the-counter (between private parties/off the exchange) contract obligating one party to buy and another other party to sell a financial instrument, equity, commodity or currency at a specific future date. Platform Tech, broker Discussion, trading Journals, rookie Talk. Trading Pit/Floor - The area of an exchange part time online work from home malaysia where trade is conducted in the old open outcry manner as opposed to electronically. Reserve Currency - A currency held by a central bank on a permanent basis as a store of international liquidity; these are normally the USD, EUR and GBP. Criteria (End-September 2018 stock OF NON-borrowed NIR' (floor) (US Mn) 2 461.1 2 140.0, inflation Target Range (Mid-point.0).3.5.5. International Monetary Fund (IMF) - An organization of 187 countries, working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth. . Yuan (CNY) - The Chinese Yuan.