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cultivable area under irrigation. Beijing Begins Mapping Disputed In South China Sea. Places IN news Earthquake.9 Magnitude in North A low density of earthquake measuring.9 on Ritcher scale felt in Northern India, at Bahadurgarh in Haryana as its epicentre is the third tremor in these places since two months Earthquake Leaves 800 Homes. Statement 2: It is a National ICT based portal developed primarily to connect the opportunities with the aspirations of youth. 58) Consider the following statements: In India, the Himalayas are spread over five States only. Option C: Marco Polo, who visited India probably some time around 12891293, made note of Rudrama Devis (a Kakatiya ruler) rule and nature in flattering terms.

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J K Assembly dissolved after rival alliances stake claim to form govt : Withdrawal of nominations for Rajasthan and Telangana Assembly elections ends today.
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Therefore, even if the right to vote is statutory, the significance attached with the right is massive. (d) A device for strengthening the hands of the head of the Government whose hold over the people is in a state of decline. Statement 2: This can be an outcome of the scheme and complement it, but it is not an aim or a central feature of the scheme. Persons IN news a) Appointments Gopal Gandhi As New iias Chairman Gopal Krishna Gandhi had been elected as the new chairman of the Governing body of the Indian Institute of Advanced Study Shimla, and president of its society. Statement 2: CO2 is sometimes injected into declining oil fields to increase oil recovery.

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Outlay.60,100crore during 2012-13 Passenger earning to increase. Hungarian Mathematician Gets 2012 Abel Prize The prestigious Abel Prize of the Norwegion Academy of Science and Letters for the year 2012 had been awarded to Hungarian Mathematician Endre Szemerede of the Alfred Renyi Institute of Mathematics, this award was given for his fundamental contributions. Recently, a private members bill has been passed in the Parliament of India for the first time in its history. (b) Powers have been clearly divided between the Centre and the States. 93) With reference to Indian freedom struggle, consider the following events : Mutiny in Royal Indian Navy Quit India Movement launched Second Round Table Conference What is the correct chronological sequence of the above events? Statement 3: This reduces evaporation of farm soil water. Railway Minister Resigns Railway Minister. Upendra holds the proud distinction of being the first Indian American elected to the New Jersey Legislature and only the fourth Indian -American to be elected to a state legislature Indian Exploration In Vietnam Oil Blocks Normal Asserting that Chinas opposition to India is undertaking. (c) the power of the Judiciary to review all the legislative enactments before they are assented to by the President. The country is an integral whole and divided into different states only for the convenience of administration.