dictionary with example sentences and synonyms

The Millers barbecue featured steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs, salads, roasted potatoes, with drinks, melons, strawberries and a whole bunch of people. The WikiAnswers web visitor forex day trading 1min entered his question whichthe software read as a query. Example sentence: I was extremely anxious waiting for my test results. Limit (verb) - restrict. Huge - gigantic. Some words are used to mean specific things, so theirsynonyms cannot always replace them.

Dictionary with example sentences and synonyms
dictionary with example sentences and synonyms

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Locate - find. We provided everyone a chance to speak. A) part of the eye: Simon has very large pupils. I drove by the store, but I didn't stop. How excited he is to hear the news of becoming a proud father.

I made you a sandwich. 5 people found this useful, the Types of People Who Cheat Most, According to Science. She sang and he played the piano. "Melina and her mother, Emma, traveled with their pet dog from Cuba to Germany, then to Italy, and to Spain where they bought silver bracelets and saw a bullfight." (10 nouns are: Melina and Emma as proper nouns; mother and dog as nouns; Cuba, Germany.