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to run into a choppy trading or when its too late to react on trend's changes, you have to change settings your technical indicators and on your trading system. We cut losses and protect profits. . Did your ever tell to yourself that if you would be able to reduce the number of negative trades then your trading system and your technical analysis would deliver to you what you always wanted? Everything would be ok if the stock market would be the same all the time. In fact, is most likely going to have some of the best opportunities that we will see over the next 7-10 years.

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Stock market is in the constant change and the main reason most of the technical indicators and studies stop working during certain period of time is that a stock, index or ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) you trade became more or less volatile. Black friday, sale 30 off on data, historical EOD Options Data. Read more, our rankers and scanners cover virtually every options strategy. Trading with technical analysis is a philosophy that we beleive can change your life. . Sentiment: Strong bullish, Quiet, buy: Bullish rank:.43, sell: Volatile rank: -28.57, hold: Best Calendar Spread help ( 11/21/2018 4:15 PM EST ).