forex scalper robot ea

you guessed. Here is a brief summury what we offer with the license: 1 Real and 2 Demo Accounts 24/7 Support Life-time Updates 60-day Guarantee Order NOW or Try demo. In this test period Scalping EA produces no draw downs, the win ratio is 100. This however does lead to a slight problem. Scalping trend sensitivity adjustment, eA featured with full settings and reverse system.

The profits are almost equally distributed over the years and this is a great thing too. Average consecutive losses: 1, average profit trade: 20 pips, average loss trade: 42 pips. This forex robot is a scalper as the title itself suggests, it trades at pullbacks like most scalpers do but I unlike other scalpers this one is more robust and trustworthy because it works even at higher spreads. Small risk high reward combined with a higher than normal win ratio for a scalping bot. Best Trailing Stop Configuration, as this is our secret sauce we will not reveal the specifics but the general philosophy behind our trailing stop and essentially our exit strategy. It survives on a correlated pair like usdchf without any adjustments. Although this is a small sample size, these are pretty impressive numbers, and certainly not what I expected to see from the Forex website.

My formula is nothing more than the number of pips we can expect in real life cryptocurrency exchange listing fees / maximum drawdown in pips shown by mcwcs. Average pips per year: 419, won trades: 75, lost trades:. Scalping EA Version.0 also comes with new updated system core, which gives you even more stability and accuracy. Features The Forex Scalper EA developer highlights 9 different features that they want the community to be aware. Our intellegent trailing stop makes sure that we do not limit our profit to just a few pips, in fact our largest live trade thus far has been 35 pips. We crunched all the figures and one broker came out tops. You may Download it and read here for free Start earning profit at the professional level. The majority of the content on the sales page is very difficult to comprehend, because its quite apparent that the copywriter speaks English as a 2nd language. Well quite plainly we actually did a lot of research and testing before even coming up with the philosophy of our scalping bot. If you like the results after this, you may consider using the robot on a real account also. The proper choice is to build a multiple strategy portfolio.

FSR EA 2018 - The best Forex Scalping Robot

forex scalper robot ea

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