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tablet or computer. Digital Citizenship refers to the rights responsibilities of participating in todays global society and economy. Privacy Policy which includes how we use Cookies to help us improve the quality of your vist to Get Safe Online. Google create, share, comment on or 'like' images or videos through apps such as, Instagram and Snapchat keep up-to-date with friends and celebrities on social networking websites such. This can take place on social networks, through messaging apps like. Download brand NEW #UpdateMeow Toolkit materials to share this Thanksgiving.

New - Band Runner, band Runner is a fun interactive game that helps 8-10 year olds learn how to stay safe from the risks they might encounter online. Review Now, get Safe Online, articles, resources. What is Digital Citizenship?

They may also watch others playing games or stream their own game-play through sites such as Twitch and. When online, children and young people can learn new things, get help with homework, express themselves creatively and connect with friends and family. I-safes cohesive K-12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum encompasses each of these elements while integrating with core subject matter so that students receive necessary training throughout the academic year. Whatsapp and in some types of games play games through websites, apps or game consoles. They may: search for content on search engines like. There are also risks, but by understanding and talking about the dangers you can help keep your child safe online. Facebook and, twitter and Instagram live-stream videos through sites such as Facebook Live and Instagram Live communicate with others using voice and video chat, or instant messenger.

Children and young people go online to connect with friends, and make new ones, to browse the internet for information, chat with others and play games. Go to Next Section, what's Happening at @staysafeonline, go to Next Section. Elements of digital citizenship include technology access, digital communication, online etiquette, digital literacy, e-commerce, digital ethics, privacy security, digital health, and personal safety.

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