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during the day that disables their power, so they are forced to buy from market. Peaceful: Timing and cunning is crucial for this option, especially early in the game, but if you can grab all or most of a much-used (like water) or a rare resource (carbon is usually more rare than other resources then you automatically control the supply. Examples: carbon : There are 2 scavenger players (which use A LOT of carbon instead of steel for building) and there isn't much carbon on the map. To accomplish this switch-tactic, you usually have to let the market demand 'build up slowly' using passive tactics so other players won't suspect market manipulation.

Peaceful: Buying a lot of stock on the market in Step 2 will raise the demand, but if other players already make a lot of it, this won't drive up the price enough to make a profit. Even if you use Goon Squad protection on your rocket when you do get it, its only temporary protection, and it is still easy to use any of the many Black Market sabotages to keep attacking it until your Goon Squads run out. This tactic is an end-game one, and leaves a player vulnerable to a lot of counters. One of the counters is where Black Market abilities are used to disable your steel production (or carbon if you're scavenger hq) that delays your resource gathering for upgrading. The disadvantage of this strategy is that players might sabotage your Optimization Center and/or chemical factories.

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