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to trade a pair, when to enter, when to stop out, where to take profits. I am about to talk about Andrew as a teacher and you will understand why in a minute. I have a high level of mathematical learning and can even do a bit of coding, but Andrews tools are not some dumb process automation rubbish, they are the distilled understanding of his years of learning. But I did the redrafts because I really want you to understand that I am a real person like you and that Andrew is the real deal. Everything he teaches is completely coherent across the training course, his comments in live trades, and his historical analysis of past trades. You see this system is basically identifying stable trends on a forex currency pairs that have been in place for 3 weeks or more. .

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I suspect it will be a great. I have watched most of these and there is no inconsistency in his logic and methodology. You just need a bit of patience. Stop-loss is set:. 1 months of arrogant pride I just surrendered and started to really listen and learn. The following money management is recommended: either not more than 10 of the capital per trade, or a progressive system (e.g. Now you and I both know there is no such thing as a holy grail forex system. . Do you have the humility to learn from a great teacher how to do this thing we call forex trading? An extensive guide will give step by step instructions how to set it up and use.