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code of corporate governance has been incorporated in the Listing Regulations of the ISE as per directive of the secp. However, the certificate of break-up value of shares issued by the company auditors is examined and published in the disclosure document for the observation of the public. Section 86 of the Companies Ordinance, 1984 prescribes that whenever the directors decide to increase the capital of the company by the issue of further shares, such shares should be offered to the members in proportion to the existing shares held by each member, irrespective. Although it is a new concept but it envisages to promote best corporate and ethical practices. In case of any observation, noncompliance, violation/breach of Regulations, this department reports to the General Manger and the Managing Director with recommendations for necessary action. Notes on the development of regional markets are set out in Annex. It is also an important parameter for listing and public offering that who is underwriting the issue.

Is there cross-listing / trading between the exchanges? How long it will take, depends upon the Management of three Exchanges for which certain negotiations have been started. The prospectus is also published in the leading newspapers of the country. Safe: strengthening stock exchange listing regimes AND regional harmonisation project Annex.9: ISE Islamabad 20 Part 3 Views on the scope for regional co-operation and harmonisation on listing matters All safe members are asked to make a submission expressing their views on the scope for.

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Provide statistical information on the profile of your market, including: ß the dimensions of the listed market.g. Respective Listing Regulations of the three Stock Exchanges are almost identical except for the scales of initial, additional and annual listing fees and the minimum required magnitude of the capital to hdfc bank forex card reload form be listed. Also, before your trip, consult with your credit or debit card bank about the foreign exchange transaction fees charged for using your card in Islamabad, Pakistan. These three Departments are headed by three Associate Managers having adequate staffing. The Listing Regulations contain the enforcement/compliance mechanism for each compulsion and in the event of breach thereof, certain penalties are also mentioned in the Regulations. The code has also prescribed the responsibilities, powers and functions of the Board of Directors. The issuers are feeling some problems in the inception to adopt and abide by the said code. monitoring of adherence of Sponsors to their ongoing duties to the Exchange and instituting disciplinary proceedings against them, and The sponsors are obliged to comply with all requisite requirements as laid down in the Regulations including the compliance of code of corporate governance. This issue is also contained in the ongoing fmgp with the help of Asian Development Bank. And all relevant information such as consideration, terms of payments, period of use of such facilities and projected gains to accrue to the company. Pakistan Rupee, currency: The text on this page has been made available under the. These regulations shall soon be implemented after complying with necessary procedures described under the Securities and Exchange Ordinance, 1969.