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stocks with a 2-period RSI reading above 90, 95, 98 and 99, which we consider overbought; and all stocks with a 2-period RSI reading below 10, 5, 2 and 1, which we consider oversold. After you made your adjustments, find a stock or other market that's trending in one particular direction for at least 1 month. Place your stop loss about 5 pips above the high of the candlestick depending how your risk parameters. Over the long term this has proven to be the case so don't make conclusions based on a handful of trades. A simple formula (see below) converts the price action into a number between 1 and 100. The Set Up, i will use stocks this example but this strategy works equally well with E-mini Futures and Forex Contracts. This will set up a sell signal for most RSI trading systems. Roger Scott, senior Publisher. These numbers represent the benchmark which we use for comparisons. However, when you shorten the timeframe you start seeing some very impressive results. Here is a good example of a trade set up that occurred earlier this week.

RSI is above 50, momentum is considered up and traders can look for opportunities to buy the market.
We consider the Relative Strength Index (.
RSI ) to be one of the best indicators available.
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RSI is below the 50 level. Here are a few notes before you get to the rules of the Forex trading system: the 5 SMA Indicator is for determining trend direction if the price is is above the 5 sma, it is deemed an uptrend or downtrend if price is below. The Entry Bar Usually Forms Within The First Hour Of The Trading Day. How To Trade The 5X5 RSI Trading System Forex Example. This is probably the most important part of this strategy because without volatility the strategy does not work.

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There may be times that the candlestick that gives the buy or sell signal is quite large. . After you start tracking a few different stocks or other markets you want to make sure they enter a period of high volatility. Use stop orders for your entries as this will show that at least in the short term, momentum is in your favor. Overbought is the opposite of oversold. We consider the Relative Strength Index (RSI) to be one of the best indicators available. Remember that the RSI is a trading indicator, will lag price, and although objective, price action trading can help improve this system. Unfortunately, few, if any, of these claims are backed up by statistical studies. Oversold And Overbought, oversold is a term that is used when price is deemed to have fallen a certain distance away from the average price.

Once you identify your trading prospects for this strategy, keep an eye on them during the first few hours of the opening bell. A few weeks ago I demonstrated how to adjust the settings on the RSI to make it work better for short term and day trading market action. The Modified RSI Indicator, one of the simplest indicators to use when learning day trading is the RSI indicator.