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of a, sqlDataSource control to a specific connection string is not a very maintainable strategy for large sites. Do not set the, providerName property to the value of an unmanaged ADO provider, such as sqloledb or msdaora. Applies to See Also. The Select method free trading course forex delegates to the Select method of the SqlDataSourceView object that is associated with the SqlDataSource control. Additionally, the connection string is then stored in plain text in the T page. Null) DataRow dr (DataRow)ws0; txtclog. When the SqlDataSource control retrieves data in DataSet mode, associated data -bound controls such as GridView and DetailsView can offer rich data display capabilities such as automatic sorting and paging. Users often interact with data based on parameters that can be resolved or evaluated only at run time.

Encrypting and Decrypting Configuration Sections. For example, data displayed on an T Web page might represent a report for a specific date. You set the, connectionString property to a connection string used for a specific database. To display data on an T page, you use a data -bound control such as a GridView, DetailsView, or FormView control, or controls such as the ListBox or DropDownList controls.

SqlDataSource control uses the, system. At run time, SqlDataSource control submits the text in the SelectCommand property to the database, and the database returns the result of the query or stored procedure to the SqlDataSource control. Protected void CheckReorderStatus dataView dv int reorderedProducts (int)ws00; if (reorderedProducts 0) Label1.Text "Number of products on reorder: " reorderedProducts; else Label1.Text "No products on reorder. If you are working with SQL Server, the parameter name begins with the character, and its name corresponds to the name of the Parameter object in the SelectParameters collection. The Select method returns a IDataReader object if the DataSourceMode property is set to the DataReader value. CheckReorderStatus Protected Sub CheckReorderStatus Dim dv As DataView Dim reorderedProducts As Integer dv DataView) reorderedProducts CType(ws(0 0 Integer) If (reorderedProducts 0) Then Label1.Text "Number of products on reorder: " reorderedProducts Else Label1.Text "No products on reorder." End If End Sub Protected Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender.

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For more general information about using data source parameters, see Using Parameters with Data 10 work from home jobs Source Controls for Filtering. protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e). The following example demonstrates an SQL query that retrieves a result set consisting of the last names of all the employees in an Employees table: Copy select LastName from Employees; The following code example shows how you can set the ConnectionString and SelectCommand properties. It is called by data -bound controls that have been attached to a SqlDataSource control through their DataSourceID property. Parameter values can be read from another control on the page, from session state, from the user profile, and from other elements. Set the data -bound control's DataSourceID property to the ID of the SqlDataSource control. The following code example demonstrates how to set the DataSourceMode property of the SqlDataSource control to DataReader for a scenario that requires no sorting, paging, or filtering. Null) DataTable dt Table as DataTable; if (dt! SelectCommand, sQL string and any parameters that are in the. You can handle the Selected event to determine whether an exception was thrown during the database operation or to examine any values returned by the data operation. I would like to get that result and display it in a TextBox.

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