best forex pairs to trade during london session

at the end of the London session, as European traders may decide to lock in profits. I think that 3 and 4 banc de binary option robot of the best options, but again, the choice is yours. It will feel some pressure or a feeling of frustration when you trade, because the real money in the game. These two trading centers account for more than 50 percent of all trades on all 15 exchanges worldwide. 0 of 2 questions completed, questions: Information, the European/London Trading Session. Tokyo: 7 PM to. You have reached 0 of 0 points, (0). On Sunday it was 10 pips, 50 pips on Monday, 40 pips on Tuesday, 200 pips on Wednesday, 140 pips on Thursday and 130 pips on Friday.

About 30 of all forex transactions happen during the London session.
Below is a table of the London session pip ranges of the major currency pairs.
I have never used Gold during London trading hours but this time I always depend on major currencies.

A 2014 Citibank study concluded that although 84 percent of forex retail traders believe they can make money, in actuality, only 30 percent break even or better. You must choose which is the best period for you! Then they become frustrated because they trade at the wrong time frame. Friday: Friday is very unpredictable. For currency pair GBP/USD at the date 16th forex exchange market in india -20th March. All you need to do now is decide whether you prefer to trade when it is easier to make money, or would you prefer to accomplish the hard way. For currency pair USD/JPY at the date 16th -20th March. You can see that in the middle of the week, the biggest movement in all four major currency pairs.

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