interactive strategies trade show activities

emblazoned on your. Make sure all trade show staff is well trained before the conference. The white-board booth was crafted to help Zig Zibit communicate its creative capabilities and generate a much bigger presence than its 200-square-foot-space would otherwise afford. Creative trade show booth ideas can give you a huge edge at any event. Behind the desk, staffers eagerly assisted attendees in registering for one of the preview events.

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Interactive strategies trade show activities
interactive strategies trade show activities

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Here, a roughly 4-by-8-foot graphic-and-monitor combo featured the tagline across the top and a roughly 32-inch monitor in the center. Don't have your staff sell your product unless they are interested. The timeline ensures that dozens of attendees get to play the game each day. Pick 6 Bingo Blower. Do you want to generate serious attention? Text across the bottom of the lime-green graphic offered the Hok logo and its key service offerings,.e., planning, design, and consulting. Here are the rules to Trivia with a Twist: Participants must follow your brand on social media. People have many interactions at trade shows. #5 Tricks of the Trade Most trade shows have exhibitors with the same target audience as you. Which drives higher lead counts for exhibitors! Charity Water creates an experience that helps their visitors connect with their brand.

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