forex trading glossary

trading account after finishing the last transaction at a certain period. Instant Execution the method of order execution, where the order is executed at the price indicated. Sell stop pending order to sell at a price lower than the current price level (sell cheaper than now). The size of swap is proportional to the volume of the position and depends on the current difference of interest rates of base and"d currencies work from home jobs in delaware (or assets) in the interbank lending market. The price in the trade prior to the short trade has to be lower than the price of the present short trade. For other financial instruments, the pip is usually equal from.1.001. Risk Capital To maintain an investors standard of living, there is a certain minimum capital that an investor does not need. DeMarker (DeM) Indicator This indicator was developed as a tool to identify emerging buying and selling opportunities. Bear Market A market, which is characterized by falling prices "s). At first sight, the terms in the dictionary of a trader may seem difficult for beginners, but this useful Forex and CFD trading glossary will make the learning process much easier. Long the position to buy.

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T Take Profit order Take Profit is designed to close a position once the targeted profit level has been reached by setting it at a price better than the price of position opening or the price of pending order execution. R Rate The value of one currency in terms of another. Day Trading The ability to enter and close out trades within the same day or trading session. These regulatory bodies act as watchdogs and provide financial licenses to organizations that are of good standing. Market Facilitation Index The Market Facilitation Index is created to evaluate the market willingness to move the price. Lock the presence of two positions of one financial instrument open in opposite directions at a time. Foreign Currency Effect Refers to how changes in the exchange rate affect the return on foreign investment. It is typically formed in a developed uptrend. Someone who is given the right or authority to act on behalf of another to execute business transactions and enforce work from home jobs in trinidad documents. With such transaction, there is an associated risk (counterparty risk) involved that the counterparty will not be able to meet the terms outlined in the contract.